About Jannett...

 The first real estate transaction Jannett performed was in 2005 just shortly after landing her real estate sales license. The listing agent was a seasoned professional who helped Jannett with suggestions and made sure all the necessary paperwork and tasks were in order. The agent was like a mentor, kind and helpful and she never forgot that encounter. The buyer was very impressed and delighted with Jannett's service and attention to detail. Jannett decided that was the kind of agent she wanted to be, a professional, empathic, ethical, direct and result driven person who was great at getting results for her clients.

As her career advanced, Jannett found her stride working with new home buyers in Orlando and surrounding cities and then progressed to listing sales, new construction, relocation and property investment specialties. She's an expert in helping buyers find the right source and type of financing for their specific needs. As a former Mortgage Manager she is aware that some clients, investors, business owners and foreign buyers for example, need a different approach when it comes to financing. She also specializes in helping sellers understand why and how setting the right pricing strategy is a very critical step that saves time and money.

Jannett lives in Orlando, Florida with her family and pet Guinea pig, Tobi. In her free time she enjoys visiting state parks, listening and dancing to jazz music, baking, home decor and exploring new destinations.

Jannett knows and adapts to the changing Orlando real estate market well and will help you enhance your lifestyle by starting or expanding your real estate portfolio here in Central FL. She and her team are ready and willing to answer all your buying and selling questions, help you plan, take action and close! Whether you are just getting started with your first property, a move up buyer, a property seller of any circumstance, relocating or investing, make the smart move with her today.